✓Unlimited space for your website
✓Unlimited mailboxes
✓1 domain
✓Control panel – Plesk
✓Antivirus, Antispam
✓Unlimited subdomains
✓PHP 5.6-7.3
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Low price

Our hosting is not expensive and includes all the most necessary for a full-fledged work of the website.

Reliable hosting

We guarantee that your site will operate smoothly 24/7/365.

Modern equipment

At the moment, 98% of our equipment and infrastructure meets the latest technical requirements.

Quality assurance

We guarantee the quality of our services. By quality, we mean the continuity and reliability of your site.

Roman Gavrilov

We trusted the site hosting to Very satisfied with the service.

Sergey Volvenkin
SV Marketing

Team of professionals. Responsive technical support service. I recommend!

Andris Sprogis
Effective Marketing

About I can only say good things. I am sure that my website is in good hands.

Martins Lasmanis

Good price. No problem with speed. Specialists of the technical support service speak in clear language.

Konstantin Liepa
Brave Support

Very good speed of the site. Administrators always respond quickly to questions. Servers are always available!

Jaroslav Zhilin

I place the website on for 3 months. There were no problems with either the technical and the service sides.

About us

The main task of Webhost is to provide high-quality hosting for small sites at a low price. Behind WEBHOST more than 5 years of successful work experience. We own a large number of own servers, which are located in professional data centers.
To maintain and service this infrastructure, a whole staff of employees daily work: system administrators, programmers, technical support staff. All of them are experienced specialists in their field. Therefore, we know well what qualitative hosting means.

yours team

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The highest quality hosting for home pages at the lowest prices in Latvia.


Web hosting with the approach. The fastest SSD, Antivirus, free firewall, lightning-fast mail and friendly customer support.


In the modern world, the most important things are happening in the Internet space – this means that the Internet allows you to reach others in such disciplines that were unattainable to you several years ago and this gives you obvious advantages, but at the same time, if you are new to this the fact that creating a webpage can be a confusing task is self-explanatory. Regardless of whether you create your own webpage yourself or hire someone else who creates it, you will need hosting services to keep the webpage online.
Internet hosting is very simple – the data of your webpage is stored on the server of the internet hosting provider so that all users can connect to your homepage at any time and place. These servers are much more productive than, for example, your home computer, so they can provide the ability to support several web pages at the same time while visiting multiple numbers of users. The platforms used by these servers may vary. Customers are offered the opportunity to maintain their web pages that use Linux or Windows platforms. The owner of the servers not only provides hosting services for the owners of Internet sites, but also provides various servers, for example, serves a specific server, provides technical support, supports protection against malicious programs, does data duplication and more.

                    Internet hosting of home pages is found in different forms, since the offers of providers are different – the client is offered a choice of numerous plans and different prices of hosting, starting from budget hosting to medium or high-class web pages hosting. The number of offers is very extensive and the prices for hosting can vary significantly, but you need to remember that all providers you can trust provide equally safe and stable services in all price categories. Choosing a suitable provider for a webpage, we suggest considering several very important factors. First, the price of hosting is an important aspect to think about. Before you go look for a provider with the cheapest hosting, which offers a relatively large number of opportunities for this low price, you need to estimate the size of your budget, because once you are sure of the amount allocated for hosting, you will be easier to evaluate offers hosting providers. Low price or budget-level hosting irrefutably seems attractive and in such a service there is a fairly large demand, because will be honest that who does not want to save? But keep in mind that in a cheap hosting is possible situation in which your web page will be hosted on the same server along with hundreds or even thousands of other web pages.This means that are possible problems with speed, so we recommend looking at the reviews about the provider you liked and to look closely at whether other clients had any problems that might appear from an overloaded server. It will be more profitable to you plan in time cooperation with a provider who can expand and change the service provided, as well as a list of functionality that meets your requirements, for example, if your web page is successfully developing and it needs hosting of much larger volume.
                    It is also important to think that in case of growth, you will not have to pay a large amount for transferring to a more suitable server or for additional implementation of the necessary functionality. It is not unusual that online hosting companies offer unlimited data storage. Be careful and read the rules of using hosting, which are written in small print, because unfortunately from time to time there is a phenomenon in which the content of an unlimited amount of data on the server is associated with hidden fees that appear when you exceed the amount of standard data storage that was provided by the provider.If your webpage hosts a simple memoir with a couple of video clips or high-quality images, then most likely there are a few gigabytes enough for your needs, because in fact the greatest number of people who want to use hosting services to support their webpage, then there is no need for unlimited data storage. It is best to choose a service provider who clearly indicates his price for data storage, which in turn provides a guarantee that you will not be unpleasantly surprised when you receive the next invoice.
Secondly, you need to seriously check what kind of support the service provider provides. In the world of home page hosting, the term “support” can be interpreted extremely broadly. In most cases, the hosting service provider handles all hardware problems, server administration and patches as needed, as well as maintaining the connection of servers to the Internet and general system support. It is important to be able to contact your service provider at any time of the day or at least in one way – by talking online, by phone or by communicating via e-mail. The time to receive a response should be quick and it’s important that your hosting provider is reachable at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

                    Webhost is a hosting service provider that has been specializing in hosting business for a long time. These enterprises have many satisfied customers who continue to use the services offered only because of the high quality of the services offered. Webhost takes care of maintaining its server complex and maintaining it with the help of experienced and professional specialists who ensure that the service you receive is perfect at any time of the day. For only 2.99 euros per month, you will be guaranteed secure hosting of your homepage, which will include one domain and an unlimited number of subdomains, and Webhost will ensure that your page is protected from malicious programs.


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What you need to know about hosting

Criterias for choosing a hosting provider
Given the large number of providers working in the Latvian market, choosing a hoster is not easy. When choosing a place to host an Internet resource, there are many factors to consider: the experience of the hoster and the qualification of the staff, the ability to organize stable operation of the equipment, the level of customer support. Consider a number of criteria related to the choice of hosting provider.
What is an SSL certificate and why is it needed by the site owner?
SSL is the standard for encrypting and transmitting encrypted data over the network, from the user to the server and in the opposite direction from the server to the user. The abbreviation SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In the web space, the transmission of data encoded by the SSL standard is performed using the HTTPS protocol. When you access a page with https, all data that is transmitted in the browser is encoded. If any information is even intercepted by intruders, they will not be able to decrypt it. Decoding is possible only on a secret key, known exclusively to the owner of the certificate.
Qualitative hosting – a reliable foundation for your site
Hosting is a service of hosting sites on the server of the hosting company. When ordering a hosting, the service provider allocates a certain disk space for the client's sites, where there will be directories with scripts, graphics and html-documents of the site. If you draw parallels between site building and building a house, the hosting of sites will be an analog of the foundation, and the service provider is an analog of the construction company. Their reliability depends on the reliability of the work, the "bulletproofness", the availability of the website, the speed of loading pages and the possibility of developing the resource.

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