20 Sep: Criterias for choosing a hosting provider

Given the large number of providers working in the Latvian market, choosing a hoster is not easy. When choosing a place to host an Internet resource, there are many factors to consider: the experience of the hoster and the qualification of the staff, the ability to organize stable operation of the equipment, the level of customer support. Consider a number of criteria related to the choice of hosting provider.

20 Sep: What is an SSL certificate and why is it needed by the site owner?

SSL is the standard for encrypting and transmitting encrypted data over the network, from the user to the server and in the opposite direction from the server to the user. The abbreviation SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In the web space, the transmission of data encoded by the SSL standard is performed using the HTTPS protocol. When you access a page with https, all data that is transmitted in the browser is encoded. If any information is even intercepted by intruders, they will not be able to decrypt it. Decoding is possible only on a secret key, known exclusively to the owner of the certificate.

20 Sep: Qualitative hosting – a reliable foundation for your site

Hosting is a service of hosting sites on the server of the hosting company. When ordering a hosting, the service provider allocates a certain disk space for the client's sites, where there will be directories with scripts, graphics and html-documents of the site. If you draw parallels between site building and building a house, the hosting of sites will be an analog of the foundation, and the service provider is an analog of the construction company. Their reliability depends on the reliability of the work, the "bulletproofness", the availability of the website, the speed of loading pages and the possibility of developing the resource.