Criterias for choosing a hosting provider

Given the large number of providers working in the Latvian market, choosing a hosting company is not easy. When choosing a place to host an Internet resource, there are many factors to consider: the experience of the hosting company and the qualification of the staff, the ability to organize stable operation of the equipment, the level of customer support. Consider a number of criteria related to the choice of hosting provider.

Customer base and time on the market.

Estimating hosting in Latvia, it is necessary to take into account the number of clients and the experience of the hosting provider. A verified hosting company is more likely to work well in the future. A young company can simply disappear along with all the equipment and data, unable to withstand competition. It is also important to check the hosting and customer reviews. Customer testimonials can be found on the network, even better, if one of your friends used the services of a particular provider. Of course, the client base is unlikely to be shown to you, but the number of users can be estimated by the approximate number of domains on NS hosting servers. There are many services that allow this.

Technical hosting features

When evaluating the technical characteristics of hosting, it is worth considering:

  • Base platforms and supported software;
  • PHP configuration or support for other required scripting languages ​​(Ruby, Perl, Python);
  • Presence of necessary modules;
  • The memory limit for running scripts;
  • The disk space limit for the website;
  • The physical location of the physical server;
  • Control panel, hosting management toolkit (ISPManager, Cpanel, control panel of own development of the hosting provider);
  • Hosting policy on the load on the server computer;
  • Support of databases of the required type (MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Safety assessment:

  • Automatic creation of backups – backup copies of sites and databases; regularity of backup (frequency of backups creation, shelf life);
  • Timely update of server software;
  • Protection from hacker attacks, virus infections;
  • The level of technical support and administration, the mode of operation and the speed of response of the technical support service.

Test period

More objective estimation of hosting in Latvia is possible if the hosting provider offers a free test period. The duration of such a period, as a rule, is 7-30 days, depending on the provider of hosting services. The more the test period, the correspondingly, you can better evaluate the service.

Price policy of the hosting company

The price is certainly an important factor, but often at a low cost there are significant technical limitations or a poor level of service. In addition, assess the transparency of spending on account accounts, the availability of a suitable method of payment for services and the absence of hidden payments. Often discounts are given when ordering hosting services for a long period of time. The longer the period, the greater the discount. When paying for a significant period, sometimes a free second-level domain and other bonuses are also provided. Thus, when choosing a hosting provider, you need to focus not only on the price, but also on other parameters. Only an integrated assessment will help to make the right decision.