Qualitative hosting – a reliable foundation for your site

Hosting is a service of website placement on the server of the hosting company. When ordering a hosting, the service provider allocates a certain disk space for the client’s sites, where will be placed directories with scripts, graphics and html-documents of the site. If you draw parallels between site building and building a house, the hosting of sites will be an analog of the foundation, and the service provider is an analog of the construction company. Their reliability depends on the quality of the work, the “bulletproofness”, the availability of the website, the speed of loading pages and the possibility of developing the resource.

Why do I need paid hosting?

There are free hosting options that are suitable for hosting personal pages, simple sites that are not aimed at making a profit. Owners of serious resources uniquely choose a paid hosting site, in which the service provider provides:

  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Hardware and software minimum guaranteed by the host;
  • The possibility of increasing resources for the active improvement and development of the website;
  • The possibility of associating an Internet resource with a second-level domain;
  • The ability to regularly backup site files to prevent potential loss of information.

In addition to the above, paid hosting sites have an additional number of advantages. So, the customer of the service takes advantage of the promotion of the project: third-level domains of free hosting are negatively affected by visitors, Internet directories and search engines. The biggest disadvantages of free hosting are the lack of guarantees and responsibility on the part of the service provider, the possibility of changing the maintenance rules by the server owners unilaterally, the presence of annoying advertising banners and pop-up windows. Free-of-charge web pages are regularly spoiled and even deleted due to deliberate interference and technical failures. Access to such resources is often difficult because of the lack of dynamically allocated resources, DDOS attacks, server failures. Free hosting is justified in only three cases. The first is the creation of an undemanding home page, not designed for earnings. The second is the study of web programming. However, the subtleties of writing scripts and working with databases is more convenient to produce on a locally configured server of a home PC. The third one is debugging and testing the project before uploading to paid hosting.

What type of hosting do you need?

Initially, you need to determine the platform: hosting with support for ASP.NET or hosting based on UNIX / Linux. The first option is definitely preferable if the Internet resource has dynamic content, especially using ASP.NET technology. When choosing a package of services, assess the needs of the website taking into account its development and consider the following indicators:

    • Guaranteed amount of disk space;
    • The amount of RAM;
    • Availability of support for .htaccess, PHP5, other necessary web technologies of the required versions;
    • The planned number of database users, the number of MySQL databases and FTP accounts available;
    • The ability to execute custom scripts;
    • Availability of PHPMyAdmin, Cron scheduler, etc .;
    • Support for SSL (secure connection is clearly necessary for commercial resources with the payment of goods / services by credit cards);
    • Cost of a package of services.

If you have questions about the technical plan when choosing a package, you can always solve them by contacting the technical support of the hosting provider.